Seasonal promotional imagery for The Crayola Experience - characters used on billboards, flyers, mall kiosks, etc.
Mini Bubbles characters, bottles, and tray. © Crayola
Specialty chalk packs. © Crayola
Seasonal promotional artwork.
"Today I Am A Robot" tee shirt design. Produced by Muero Apparo (
Crayola's "Tip" crayon character redesign and concepts.
Gadgetheadz "Geary" - character design and illustration
Cover illustration for a children's learning activity book
On a lap desk surface for young children. © Crayola
"Vinny" - Lizardskin Auto insulation mascot
Fish - illustration, children, kids, fun, Crayola, character
Lehigh Valley Marketplace - Valentine's Day issue cover
Code Quest - online game setting
We're all mad here.
Part of a 3D activity book (special glasses make warm colors appear closer).
Pencil, unfinished.
Mischell "Meech" Yost
Senior Graphic Designer / Illustrator Reinholds, PA