Vector Drill - Used Adobe Illustrator to produce vector graphics for users manuals and instruction sheets.
We were getting tons of calls for technical support. I tracked and analysed the requests for information, and redesigned the user guide. Instead of following a "Step 1, step 2..." format, which didn't work for a modular system, I resorted to and educational, empowerment approach. Each page describes a module or component, how it functions in the system, and what it needs to operate. Users became not only able to install the system without assistance, but began to extrapolate concepts to customize the product.
This is a string retainer. The product wasn't selling well, because the original design was rectangular, while guitars are all smooth and curvy. I took out the visual bulk by simply rounding the corners, producing a more oval shape, and sales increased dramatically.
Wiring Sketch - On a daily basis, designed solutions for customers, taking into account user interface preferences and technical feasibility.
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Supercharger Kit - Established product specifications for manufacturing, and provided content and design input for packaging.
Product Exhibition Box - Designed and oversaw fabrication of clear acrylic box to demonstrate electronic product at trade shows and meetings with prospective buyers.
Piezo-electric guitar pickups demonstration - Displays, diagrams, illustrations, and photography done at GTGL for Product Support and R&D.
Graph Tech Guitar Labs

At Graph Tech Guitar Labs, I wore a lot of hats. I redesigned the installation guide for a DIY product, designed electronics for guitar manufacturers, designed product demonstrations for trade shows, and did product photography for Web and print.

Morgan Ahoff
Designer At Large... Vancouver, BC