I led the interaction design of the web app, creating strategy decks, wireframes and build assessments to the development team.
Here's the web app displaying the Album Grid.
I also led the design of the onboarding process from download through account setup.
Even though there were a lot of operations happening behind the scenes, we were to get the installation process down to 4 easy steps.
Motorola MotoCast

MotoCast is a desktop, web, and mobile service that allows users to stream content from their computers to their phones and tablets. It began shipping on all Motorola devices, starting with the Droid RAZR, and keeps people within reach of their favorite music playlists, pictures, and documents. MotoCast is your own personal Dropbox service, where the cloud is your home computer's hard drive. We worked with the Motorola team to streamline the initial setup process, and make the MotoCast web app a rich and inviting experience.

Project completed with the Earlybird team. Visual design by Motorola's Mat Van Orden.

Nate Lynch
User Experience Strategy & Design Savannah, GA