In the video I mention that continue is not implemented but that was not correct. Currently you can continue the most recently played character though there are still some small bugs with its use.
Android Text Rpg

This project was taken on to learn about the process involved in Android App development. The goal was to make a functioning text based rpg application with character elements, combat options, and a dungeon delve system to finalize. It would also serve as a learning tool for me to tinker with the Android environment. I worked on this project for a total time of about 3-4 weeks (most of which was spent learning Java for Android). As with all of my projects this project is not commercialized and is not for profit. The minimal content that was not created or designed directly by me serves only as a placeholder in its current state and reference is given within the application. Credit for some of the artwork goes to Karen Silveira.

*Note there is a more updated version of the apk file out now which includes multiple levels of difficulty, a church to recover hp, saving and loading games, special loot and stat allocation when leveling.*

Thanks for viewing!

Nick Carver
Programmer | Designer | Game Balance | QA Tustin, CA