D&D Dos Game

This project was my very first C++ creation. From the moment I was given the power of random number generation I decided that I wanted to develop a text based dos game utilizing the dnd 3.5 rule base. The goal was to make a design where you could roll a character, select your class/race/weapons, and then fight in random encounters to test your characters battle prowess. Later features were implemented such as: Leveling up, shops with progressive merchandise, full detail character sheets, and magic items. The game features turn based text combat with some basic ui display. This project was developed during my first 9 week programming course and contains approximately 3500+ lines of code. The video currently does not have any audio and I apologize for the low resolution. The screenshots should help to display the content.

Thanks for viewing!

Nick Carver
Programmer | Designer | Game Balance | QA Tustin, CA