Tactics Grid

This project was developed simply because of my love of tactics based rpg games. Currently, this is only a shell for the overall design but it still tackled a lot of the initial challenges that I faced in my interest to develop for the genre. The goal for this project was to create a functioning grid based and turn based battle system. Including AI for enemy controls, combat animation, battle menu, and attack and movement ranges clearly displayed. I also took some extra time to make the game playable using either pc keyboard or mouse solely. This was because of my interest in making the game function on Android touch devices. I have noticed though, that the mouse controls are a little finicky in an html environment and function more smoothly in flash. Overall time spent on this project was approximately 1 week. Keyboard controls are Up, Down, Left, Right, and Enter Keys.

Thanks for viewing!

Nick Carver
Programmer | Designer | Game Balance | QA Tustin, CA