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ERO; Concrete Recycling Robot

ERO is a Concrete Deconstruction Robot designed to disassemble reinforced concrete structures and enable the building materials to be re-used for new pre-fabricated concrete buildings. Current techniques of concrete demolition requires a lot of power crushing, separation and machinery. Not to mention waste of water in order to prevent dust pollution during operation. Transferring waste material to recycle stations outside the city wastes time and the end result of which can only be re-used in very limited areas. ERO uses water jets to crack the concrete surface to disassemble concrete and sucks up the mixed debris. It cleanly separates the waste mixture and packages the cleaned material. What was previously waste, now turns into labeled packaged asset to be transferred right away into concrete pre-casting stations to be re-molded into new building blocks. No dust, no waste, no separation. Only clean aggregate to be re-used and rust and dust free rebar to be cut and re-used directly.

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Omer Haciomeroglu
Product Designer, Art Director Istanbul, Turkey