Ever since I have been infected by the fascination of art, I have been sketching and sculpting the things my imagination spewed forth. After majoring in Art Direction for one year, I decided to study industrial design simply because I found it to be the perfect way of learning the art of problem solving. I moved to the U.S, where I received the first two years of my design education at the California State University in Long Beach, CA. I then transferred to Istanbul Technical University in 2003-2007, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. After working in the industry for a couple of years, I moved to Umeå, a small Northern Swedish city right below the polar circle. The city was full of very nice and talented people and a very impressive academic environment in terms of both design and other academic branches. I have recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Advanced Product Design from Umeå Institute of Design. In Umeå, I had the privilege to work with a very talented and multinational band of transport, interaction and product designers and academic staff. I strongly believe in Science, follow Technology and study Culture and History. I strive to develop my understanding of why we live and interact with each other the way we do and I like to challenge myself by questioning it. I love listening and learning from others and. I like combining different ways of thinking and application with different kinds of media. Looking at the unlikeliest of places have has always let me create unique and cultivated backgrounds for my projects, strategize and plan further steps confidently. As a developing designer I always look forward to being a part of design teams that develop projects, concepts and products that will grant us, the humankind, valuable and entertaining vision of a better and sustainable future.


Industrial Designers Society of America, IDEA '12 GOLD

Experience & Education