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clean Life; '' an emotional aid to smoking''

Clean life is a product family that provides an emotional aid to stop smoking. It uses a ''breath analyzer'', a ''decision reminder'' and ''social media'' to monitor, warn and give information to nicotine addict user throughout the cessation process and after. It connects struggling smokers with an online community to aid each other socially. It is emotionally very complicated to make a decision to stop smoking. We create social or solitary ''smoking rituals'' along the way to strong addiction. These Smoking rituals vary, from ''chat with your best friend'' smoke to ''Having a break'' smoke and so on. These ''Rituals'', then are used by the addict as emotional barriers to forge excuses not to stop smoking. The only way to overcome these barriers is to make a mentally firm decision and keep it no matter what. Clean Life helps the user to track his/her improvements during the cessation process and then it reminds the user whenever S/he experiences a '' nicotine'' peak.

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Omer Haciomeroglu
Product Designer, Art Director Istanbul, Turkey