Art director, graphic designer, graphic inventor (special effects, such as pop-ups, illusions, puzzle devices and structural devices). Design and produce lines of special effects seminar packages for The Ken Blanchard Companies. I take boring binders and turn them into exciting kits to keep participants excited. Special brochures, with exciting paper structures for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Pencil sketches,models, graphic production, printing and assembly). Specializing in logos (branding), brochures with that special touch, embossing, foiling, special printing techniques, pop-ups, graphic paper effects ( magic effects, such as pictures that transform before your eyes or small printed brochures that expand to large brochures in an exciting way. Trade show booth design from existing structures. Trade show special effects, to attract passers by. Photo direction. Computer effects direction. The most amazing business cards in the world (I have samples)! I also use assembly teams on the East coast and in San Diego that do the printing and assembly of special projects.

Experience & Education