2010 ID Honorable Mention - The KRANKcycle is an inclusive cardio fitness machine focusing on the upper body as a way to build strength and endurance. It is made for commercial health clubs to be used in instructor-lead, group exercise classes. The KRANKcycle is ergonomically designed to accommodate both able-bodied and challenged athletes allowing them to train side-by-side.
What is the KRANKcycle? - The Krankcycle is a commercial group fitness machine that targets the upper body to build strength and endurance through instructor-led classes. It fully accommodates both able-bodied and challenged athletes, allowing them to train side by side.
Design Influences - Upper Body Ergometers (UBESs) are not new to the wellnes industry but the market for UBEs has never been very large. Insights at the heart of the KRANKcycle's inception revealed many reasons why...
First-Round Prototype Testing - The first prototype was brought to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for the wheelchair basketball team to exercise and to test its overall functionality. The goal was to understand how the design met the needs of this user group.
Prototype Refinement - Using the observations and feedback from the challenged athlete testing, three areas were identified for further refinement in the next prototype.
Second-Round Prototype Testing - The revised prototype was brought back to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for further testing. The second prototype showed vast improvements and also helped direct detail design efforts.
Product Details - The KRANKcycle offers features refined through extensive testing. Each feature was honed through prototypes and production samples to ensure a fully universal and engaging experience.
2010 ID Honorable Mention
Philip Stankard
Industrial Designer Minneapolis, MN