Interactive media in the "Life! Beginnings" exhibition supports cross-generational audiences making personal connections by experiencing the exhibits together.
Families interacting with a full-body experience at which visitors learn about mating dance of three species. The three characters, a peacock spider, blue footed booby, and weedy seahorse, provide opportunities for people with different physical ability levels to take part. The mating dance interactive has similarities to "Dance, Dance Revolution" video game, but in an educational museum setting.
Visitors watch the birth stories of various species, including humans, in an inspiring projected video that helps set a celebratory tone in the gallery.
"Guess as they Grow" touchscreen exhibit tests visitors on animal embryo development.
Visitors can learn about genetically-linked traits in the "Build-a-bird" exhibit. They activate the exhibit by "switching" between genes to build a pigeon with different characteristics.
The "It Takes Two" exhibit is a multiplayer, cooperative experience that explores the different stages of fertilization using haptic controls and projected media.
"Life! Beginnings" Multimedia Experiences at California Science Center

Role in the project: Software Producer
Total cost of the project: $350,000

Ideum partnered with our client, California Science Center, to create a suite of innovative and fun interactive exhibits for "Life! Beginnings," a new exhibition that opened in June 2021 in the Science Center’s "World of Life" gallery. Aimed primarily at families with children 4-14 and conceived and developed by the Science Center in collaboration with Evidence Design, "Life! Beginnings" tells a story in which we all play a part: how organisms are conceived, how they develop in the womb, and how their genetic inheritance interacts with environmental forces to shape the adult beings they become.

I participated as executive producer on all of the interactive AV experiences in the gallery.

Rebecca Schreiber Shreckengast
Experience Designer Albuquerque, NM