National Constitution Center: Lincoln, the Constitution, and the Civil War

Museum: The National Constitution Center
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date: 2004
Scope: 2,500 sf
Implementation Budget: $250,000
Role: Exhibit designer and contract administrator

For this project I participated in a collaborative team of graphic and exhibit designers, Nick Paffett, Steve Colson, and Ed Malouf, to plan and design a traveling exhibition about Abraham Lincoln, his relationship with, and contributions to, the Constitution of the United States. I lead the project through programming and schematic design when the curator left the project. However challenging, I was able to lead the design development of the project, to create and issue contract documents, administer the bid, fabrication and installation of the project on time and on budget. A contingency was protected that allowed an opportunity for the exhibition to travel.

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Rebecca Schreiber Shreckengast
Experience Designer Albuquerque, NM