We used an off-the-shelf quilt designer App and populated it with Amish quilt making constraints.
Plain Geometry, Amish Quilts

Client: The Museum of International Folk Art
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Date: 2012-2013
Scope: 4,000 sf, Textile Artifact Rich
Implementation Budget: $50,000
Curator: Bobbie Sumberg
Role: Exhibition designer and production manager

This exhibition was created to showcase the Folk Art Museum's recently acquired collection of Amish quilts. The collection provides a good survey of the evolution of Amish quilt-making over time. Simplicity was paramount in the creation of these functional art pieces, using simple patterns and unpatterned fabric.

Exhibits included an interactive quilting App that permitted visitors to design a quilt and e-mail it to themselves. Visitors could also post their quilt design and have it become part of the exhibition.

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Rebecca Schreiber Shreckengast
Experience Designer Albuquerque, NM