In the Science & Stewardship exhibit area, this "Succession" experience allows visitors to take action, learning about and helping to conserve different biomes at Preque Isle Stae Park. This promotes stewardship of Presque Isle and builds awareness of how to become part of the solution in regard to current environmental issues.
The "You Are Here" multi-user, interactive map serves as the “first stop” for visitors to Presque Isle State Park, providing orientation and planning resources.
In "Presque Isle at Night," visitors interact with an immersive projection of Presque Isle after the park closes and the sun goes down. Visitors use red colored flashlights to discover species in the lake, shoreline, and forest at Presque Isle. This exhibit enhances environmental knowledge to create new nature enthusiasts, naturalists, and conservationists.
The "Naturalist Tables" in the Sicence & Stewardship area of the Center features the science, research, and resource management happening at Tom Ridge Environmental Center, at Presque Isle State Park, and in the Great Lakes region.
"Legacy of Water" is a multi-user, interactive time-travel experience that provides an opportunity for visitors to explore social media posts and historic imagery and information inspired by the visitor experience at Presque Isle State Park.
Reimagined Visitor Experience at Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Role in the project: Executive Producer for Concept Design
Total cost of the project: $150,000

Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie, Pennsylvania hired Ideum Inc. to reimagine the visitor experience at the Center for the next generation of Great Lakes naturalists. I performed as executive producer on this project, organizing and leading stakeholder workshops, developing a new interpretive plan, and designing a more interactive visitor experience that provides opportunities for visitors to participate in environmental conservation of the Great Lakes region at large, and Presque Isle State Park, in-particular.

Rebecca Schreiber Shreckengast
Experience Designer Albuquerque, NM