The Arts of Survival

Client: The Museum of International Folk Art
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Date: 2011 to 2012
Scope: 1,200 sf
Implementation Budget: $50,000
Role: Exhibition designer and production manager

To develop this exhibit, I hosted a one day design charrette with Museum of International Folk Art executive director, Marcia Bol, and visiting project curator, Suzanne Seriff. In this 8 hour workshop, I led the team in the creation of a scale, foam-core model of the gallery space. During the meeting, the team explored general organizational principles for content, interactive activities, and graphic display methods to enliven aspects of the core story. the team also determined methods for mounting and protecting a variety of folk artworks; thirtypieces by eleven artists were arranged within the display model including paintings, masks, sculptures, scrolls, voodoo flags, and puppets. At the conclusion of the charrette, I created a set of detailed design drawings to aid the museum in implementation.

Rebecca Schreiber Shreckengast
Experience Designer Albuquerque, NM