Virginia Air and Space Center: Adventures in Flight

Client: Virginia Air and Space Center
Location: Hampton, VA
Date: 2002
Scope: 18,000 sf
Role: Exhibit detailer

The Virginia Air and Space Center was my first client while employed at Krent / Paffett / Carney Design, Inc. I was brought onto the project during the design development phase as a contract project designer and detailer with another partner, Dean Barker. My employer was impressed by my work and so brought me on full time to manage the Contract Documents and CA phases of the "Adventures in Flight" galleries; it was my first multi-million dollar exhibition project. More than 70 interpretive and multimedia exhibits create an interactive visitor experience built around and into eight aircraft in this "1,000,000 cubic foot" gallery. The exhibits comprise an aeronautical timeline of 100 years of aviation accomplishments and include a rich variety of immersion experiences, interactive simulators, and colorful graphics.

Rebecca Schreiber Shreckengast
Experience Designer Albuquerque, NM