I´m Industrial-Designer with a strong interest for Interaction-Design. For example, I worked for adidas, in an IT Innovation Team, where I took care about software usability and interface design for prototype development. In addition I´m interested in nearly all kinds of art, also graffity. I like the freedom which is expressed by this art form. I also enjoy sports, I go running and play ultimate frisbee in summer. In winter I go skiing or swimming. During my time at University I liked projects about Medical Care the most. This was the reason why I wrote my Master-Thesis about a Dialysis Machine use-case in the near future. In Medical Care, design can help the most, if products are easier to use. On this way, Nurses and Doctors can help faster and more intuitive. This is also the reason why I work currently in the healthcare sector of SIEMENS.


IF Design Award 2016 - Multitom Rax



Experience & Education