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SIMBIOSI Architects is an international office of architecture, founded in 2007. During these years established itself as a leading practice with international teams of architects, urban designers, landscape architects and industrial engineers. Simbiosi Architects' main office is based in London (United Kingdom) but keeps two other offices, on in Athens (Greece) and in Nuoro (Sardinia-Italy). With a multi-disciplinary approach to complex design issues, Simbiosi Architects develops concepts and visions for large and small-scale planning and design issues that address global or private issues. Working on an international level from its start, Simbiosi Architects developed projects mostly around Italy and Greece but keeping always a contact with the rest of Europe. The office gained recognition with projects such as – competition “Prat'zas de Janas” concerning the re-qualification of 18 spots in the city center of Nuoro (ITA) and the competition for the design of the new city hall of Paratico (ITA). Simbiosi Architects approaches the production of artificial, nature and tradition in SIMBIOSI (symbiosis). We act with an artifact being a part of a landscape, whether natural or artificial, keeping in consideration the traditions that confers identity and, therefore, understand the need for creating symbols in the production of a new landscape.


2015 Winner Project for the competition "1st Elementary School with Covered Gym in Neapolis" 2014 Special Mention for the competition "Redevelopment of the City Hall of San Felice sul Panaro" 2014 Special Mention for the design competition Idee da Fissare with "Ω Lamp" 2012 Publication in the magazine "Future Arquitecturas" n.32 2007 Special mention for the competition @ "Prat'zas de Janas" @ Nuoro

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