This is for a chic footwear and bag store. The theme, as is quiet visible, is Christmas. The green is attractive and sets the background. The reindeer background has round balls as noses which add cuteness and a three dimensional element to the look. Red merchandise enhances the look and stand out against the background. The wreathe breaks the monotony of the background and draws attention to he center where the merchandise is.
This concept is based on 'Nautical' themed collection. The boats made out of paper carrying the colours of the theme- Blue, Red and White- sit pretty against the bold red background. I love adding three dimensional elements to windows. These boats will be different in different replicas of the window, thus adding a charming distinct look to all but maintaining the main theme. The words' Ahoy!' are so synonymous with men at sea. Bodices with simple dresses complete the look with a subtle over all background.
Represents version of same window in an enclosed space and open-back window.
Spring/Summer provides for a lovely spray of colours and liveliness to the windows. Here I have used simple elements of this season to brighten the window and add a fresh look. The play of colours is endearing. The windows with flowers can be a simple background of have fake flowers depending on the budget. The birds can be done in the colour theme of merchandise available in the store and the same colours can be displayed on the mannequins.
Represents version of Spring window in an enclosed and open-back display.
Visual Merchandising Concepts

Here I post my design concepts for window displays. I love developing concepts based on themes and giving them visual perspective. Since I have thorough knowledge of material, I design keeping in mind keeping the possibility, ease and costing in mind.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Sonal Grover
Visual Merchandiser Bengaluru, India