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SPACECAT DESIGN STUDIO is a creative studio based in Barcelona which provides services in different design fields for clients from all over the world. Our goal is a creative, top quality design in any form. We are ready to collaborate with companies as well as artists and designers offering non-commercial projects. Studio can offer following services: - Interior Design for bars, clubs, shops, exhibitions and houses - branding / identity development - illustration - art direction - different needs in communication design Alyona Kudrevich was born in south Russian city situated in the coast of Black Sea. From an early age having interest in traveling, music, snowboarding, nature, mountains and all manifestations of art, all of that had founded reflection in an early passion in drawing. In 1991, she started her education in local school of arts in Novorossiysk, after completion of which - moved to Moscow and in 2007 graduated from design course of Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. There she acquired a deep fundamental knowledge in the plastic arts. As well, she has graduated from Moscow Institute of Contemporary Arts Problems in 2005 and has a second degree of expert in modern art. Now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. Alyona has been successfully working for big pretentious companies. Among the successful projects are: O.G.I. club in Saint-Petersburg built for the company O.G.I. Product, that has been recognized as the best club project of the year 2010. Chapiteau-Show movie that Alyona was art-directing during all production period - has received the Grand Prix at the Moscow International Film Festival 2011. ” do what you love, love what you do… "

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