Pfizer - EmotionSpace

EmotionSpace is a mobile application for mBC patients who can share their feelings and emotions with their close ones via the app.
I was involved with the website part (both public and private) where mBC support organisations can register and start creating events and services for the patients who have the mobile application.

I was making wireframes only in the beginning of the project. After the main information of the content was decided, we started to iterate visuals, not wireframes anymore to save some time. That's why the wireframes are very high-level. The visual perception came from a visual designer but I was making changes, regarding to interactions, on them as well.

The design was made also for mobile devices.

The website was designed in English, but the first publishing language was German. We also considered French as the third language.

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Tiia Leppänen
Lead UX/UI designer (strategic UX and service designer) Berlin, Germany