Yle - Suppliers

The client needed a website concept to increase and to better communication with already existing partners but especially with potential partners. Right in the beginning of the project we found out that the whole company structure seemed overwhelming for potential partners who don't have any contacts with Yle yet. Having new partners was a huge effort for some individuals inside company as well.
We suggested a solution how the partners should have clearer touchpoint when getting contacted with Yle and how to make Yle more approachable. With the client we defined e.g. their service promise for the partners which was scattered and unclear for different actors.

The website is divided into sections which are easier to understand for the users. We also tried a new kind of interaction to find available opportunities easily from a very long list.
The project was quite short, so the delivery was a very high-level concept.

The design was made also for mobile devices.

Tiia Leppänen
Lead UX/UI designer (strategic UX and service designer) Berlin, Germany