Web3 Content Marketing Associate | Africa Metaverse Summit 2023

The Africa Metaverse Summit, organized by the African Meta Club, is where the future of technology, culture & creativity converges.

- Secured a keynote speaker for the summit through impactful content marketing strategies.
- Implemented 15 highly successful e-newsletters with a remarkable 40% open rate. Strategically crafted promotional emails led to a notable 30% increase in workshop and event attendance, showcasing a strong ability to drive conversion and engagement through targeted email marketing efforts.
- Led the expansion and enhancement of the African Meta Club Discord Server, executing tasks such as setting up channels, sharing invite links, and daily posting on general channels, resulting in a 15% member increase from 1,300 to 1,500+ within a one-month period.
- Implemented effective moderation strategies for voice channel chats and member support, leading to a notable 20% increase in member engagement, fostering a vibrant & inclusive community.

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Wanjiru Mwoka
Social Media Manager & Content Creator Nairobi, Kenya