Hi, I'm DAN. I design playful products, experiences and interactive entertainment at the forefront of technology. I have been driving radical innovation for one of the world's most creative brands, and consulting for various companies large and small. Over the last nine years, I have worked on a broad spectrum of projects and have adapted to many different roles. I love a good challenge and thrive when venturing into the unknown. I am a STRATEGIC INNOVATOR. I apply a Lean Startup process to creative problem solving, turning validated learnings into breakthrough products and services. I am an EXPERIENCE DESIGNER. I use a human-centered approach to create new experiences across products, games, digital media and environments. I am an ARTIST. I visually communicate ideas through sketching, illustration, graphics, branding and product styling. I am a FUTURIST. I explore emerging trends and cutting edge technologies to create a vision for new forms of interactive entertainment of tomorrow. I am a MAKER. I bring ideas to life through 3D modelling, digital prototypes, physical models and getting my hands dirty building things. I am a STORYTELLER. I create user journeys, experiential storyboards, concept videos and design new story IPs to engage users.


Featured in BusinessWeek's "Twenty-One People Who Will Change Business"

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