Music Industry May 2001 - Dec 2016:
*Pagan Records/EMI Label (2001 - 2006)*. In 2000 I pitched a concept to record labels by introducing four Polynesian vocalists to popular music, it was unprecedented and subsequently, the pitch secured a contract. It created an opportunity for me to research an untapped market (niche). I was tasked with designing and producing the right sound for 2001; it was unheard of which developed into writing songs and recruiting artists for the development process. The whole experience was surreal because a number of years later, the American Idol and 'K-Pop' culture were hallmarks of the same environment. Consequently, we launched three media campaigns for our first music single release.
1) A music video (directed by some of our LOTR film crew) showcased a new Polynesian-Pop act wearing grass skirts became a National hit with TV viewers earning high rotation & high demand on TV and Radio that year (2001); as a result, it became the most played music video, earning a nomination on the Juice TV awards in 2002. 2) The campaign was pushed further when it became a soundtrack on TV shows: ‘Shortland Street’ (TV2) and a 'Guide to Happiness’ (TV1) so that the life cycle of our music was extended to sell more records (units).
3) To followup on the success of the first release, a second single was launched, and as a result, our 2nd track released was featured on the 'NO.2' movie directed by Toa Fraser. Again the track was played on the radio everywhere. Today, our singles continue to play on-air worldwide, where I still collect royalties as the author & copyright owner. Because my act was signed as a singles act, in hindsight, we had produced five music singles and two music videos, had two top ten singles on the NZ music charts, won best music video on Mai Show on TV2, nominee for best pop music video on Juice TV Awards, had featured soundtracks on two TV shows as well as an international Movie ‘NO.2’ and our music remixed by DJ’s around the world.
Fou Music

The first time I encountered UX was during my music career of 15 years before the coined word was recognised on our shores. I was a songwriter at the time, and in 2001 signed a record deal with Pagan EMI records (NZ) to produce music for mainstream radio. I utilised UX methodology to produce music for record sales, while honing my skills. Surviving the industry implied writing catchy tunes, and lyrics, while collaborating with the ‘gate-keepers in the music industry. I discovered new concepts to recruit a new act for development. These were the fundamentals that kept me competitive. Songs that we produced were real stories connecting to an untapped market.

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