Now with years working in Brazil I'm ready and looking to improve internationally my portfolio, if possible working in a medium or large size company in the USA or Europe. Focused in the sinergy. Prefereble on footwear. Internship are welcome too. I Know and recognize the gap between my expertise / education in Brazil and this same features in this my focus abroad. And I hope to reduce this gap trough a job sinergy. "Discipline is the best bridge between the dream and its realization".


. Selected by INDEX 2007 Design Award - Denmark . Winner of the VII Gift & Houseware Design Award – 2006 - Brazil. . Winner of the 19° Museu da Casa Brasileira Award – 2005 - Brazil . Winner of the 1° More Design Less Residue Award / Cempre (Business Compromise with the Recycliing) – 2005 - Brazil. . One of the four finalists of the 1° Talents of Design Award / Quatro Rodas Magazine - 2004 - Brazil. . Honor Mention on the Motor Trend (magazine) Design Contest - 2002 – EUA. . Finalist of the 2° Talent Design Award Volkswagen - 1999 - Brazil.

Experience & Education