Dryland Wakeboard

There are a number of issues associated with abject beginners learning to wakeboard:

+ You fall... lots
+ Your muscles will get sore... lots
+ You will get wet... even in a dry suit
+ You will get frustrated

These factors are multiplied when you are learning in a Scottish loch, where water temperatures rarely exceed 5 degrees (centigrade by the way). Needless to say, it gets rather chilly, causing your hands to go numb and you have to regularly dip your hands into a bucket of barely-warm water in order to get some feeling back into them.

Working with events company COS (Scotland) Ltd, the project brief was to produce a simulator for wakeboarding that can be used indoors, allowing for the basics of wakebaording to be mastered, before setting foot into the water.

Industrial Designer // PhD Researcher @ The University of... Glasgow, United Kingdom