Initial concept - Space allocation.
Initial concept - Facade.
Initial concept - Entrance passway.
Initial concept - Entrance theater.
Initial concept - 70's decade interactive surface.
Initial concept - Center view with the 90's and 2000's decades in view.
Initial concept - Interactive theater with augmented reality content. This is the last space of the exhibit.
Initial concept - Interactive theater Augmented Reality markers on the walls.
1970's content cover art.
1980's content cover art.
1990's content cover art.
2000's content cover art.
Initial video cover art.
Final facade.
Final entrance theater.
Final 1970's decade.
Final 1980's decade.
Final 1990's decade.
Final 2000's decade.
Group interaction on the interactive surfaces.
Final interactive theater screen - dual.
Tablet use in the last space.
Augmented reality markers and content.
QR codes throughout the exhibit.
Center of the 4 decades.
Interactive surfaces in-use.
Interactive surfaces in-use.
Interactive Ambience - Sebrae Memorial

Interactive exhibit portraying Sebrae's history so far. The space was divided into six distinct niches. The first one is a small theater room for initial introduction. The four subsequent are the four decades, containing interactive surfaces and colors that best portray the mood of the decade. The last room is a dual screen group interactive space, where users use tablets for seeing augmented reality content and short movies through the dual screen theater. Results of the game included on the tablet is also shown on the theater screen. Designed the space, the interactive hardware and some of the content.

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