2021 Ford Bronco w/HOSS suspension package
Partial Section View with Product Feature Descriptions
Section View Close-up of Damper and Remote Reservoir Tubes
Section View of Damper and Remote Reservoir Tubes
Grey Wolf Ranch Entrance for Bronco Off-Roadeo 2021
Additional Off-Roadeo Signage
Off-Roadeo Displays and Graphics
Ford Bronco Sasquatch Damper Program

Sasquatch Damper Design/Tuning for Ford Bronco:
- Option included retuned dampers and 30mm lift to support 35" tires
- Tuned for higher speed trail runs with increased rebound/compression valving
- Features ESCV for better performance during fully compressed/extended travel

I joined the project team midway in design to assist in final design and tuning revisions. My initial role was to convert prototype models to production models, incorporate final tuning changes, and provide released drawings for manufacturing.

For the product launch, I volunteered my tradeshow design skills to support marketing for the first Bronco Off-Roadeo in Texas. I provided thumbnail concepts, production-ready artfiles, ad assisted in coordinating the production of all graphics and signage.

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Alex Becker
Design Engineer + Experiential Designer Loveland, OH