2023 RAM TRX
Features and Benefits
Manifold/Reservoir Rendering
Manifold Rendering
Rockguard Rendering
Rear Shock on Frame
Remote Reservoir on Frame
Manifold Section View
Rear Chassis Rendering 1
Rear Chassis Rendering 2
Final Design of Manifold Artwork
RAM TRX Damper Program

TRX Damper Design/Tuning:
- Semi-active damper with multiple mode for comfort, low speed off-roading, and high-speed trail running
- Anodized aluminum manifold
- Features ZoneControl for better performance during fully compressed/extended travel
- Remote reservoir allows for shorter shock body and lower shock fluid temperatures

I joined the project team for a revised variant for 2023 MY. My initial role was to convert prototype models to production models, incorporate final tuning changes, and provide released drawings for manufacturing.

Updates included a new tuning algorithm for the active valves and a revised shim tune for the piston rod.

In addition to CAD design, I supported marketing by providing product renderings for both Bilstein and RAM.

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Alex Becker
Design Engineer + Experiential Designer Loveland, OH