muvemusic: flow - early stage of organization
muvemusic: flow doc sample - flow doc was created in InDesign. This document became the bible for designers, developers and clients to train their employees.
muvemusic: help flow sample
muvemusic: additional screens
muvemusic: additional screens
muvemusic: additional screens
muvemusic poster - showing handset's home
muvemusic web - supporting site design for music mobile app for Cricket
right click menus and its flow
Muve Music

Product Goal:
• Create an all-you-can-listen music application for Cricket

• Within a year, Muve Music had more than 500,000 unique customers with a several million songs available for download.
• Product has since rolled out to the national market and is now in the process of rolling out internationally.

• Participating in Innovative Design Team meetings with client
• Created wireframes, design including icons, UI flows, and style guides
• Created admin system for international carriers

Alex Yang
Senior UX Designer Los Angeles, CA