denttabs rebranding

"I started my journey with
Denttabs in July 2021.
After almost 18 years in
the market, the key problem
was that they needed to do
a complete brand refresh
focussing on enhanced shelf
visibility and attracting a
new target audience. Working
on the edge between
rebranding and brand refresh,
I analyzed the competing
brands in the market,
focusing on their
visual appearance. As a
the first step, I redesigned the
Denttabs logo. I revised
the packaging design by implementing
specific color
codes, communicating the
USPs, and using messages to
emphasize the goals and
values of the Denttabs
After a brief
training period, I acquired
a nuanced understanding of
the company, the market and
the target audience. I
worked out a strategy for
Denttabs as a company and a

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Aljosha Schäck
Industrial Designer Berlin, Germany