A (footwear designer & technologist) with 10+ years’ experience in the Shoe Industry & retail / W-sale network. Able to work at own initiative & as part of a team. Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing & motivating teams to achieve their objectives. First class analytical design & problem solving skills. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards. Organized nature, walking the extra mile, quick to adapt, Can get the job done, for me journey never ends. Working to expand on both qualification and experience. Often creating new targets, walking away with success for my personal & professional growth. Enjoy facing challenges in work and never hesitate to learn. High level of energy, working straight hours in the environment with mixed nationalities and all sorts of culture.....i love the nature , colors, fashion, fun & excitement of the life & so on . . .


worked as assistent to Mr. Marko (the famous designer from Spain) Written a book on “Shoe Manufacturing According to International Standard with Major & Minor defects” To get the best designer & best skilled employ award in Brother’s associate (pvt) ltd (Footwear manufacturing

Experience & Education