Liberty Mutual RIMS Tradeshow 2013

Seedesign was invited to create an entertaining and educational
exhibit for Liberty Mutual that leveraged their sponsorship of the
training athletes selected for the 2014 Summer Olympic Games.
Our task was to layer both the training and performance of
the supported athletes with a layer showing commitment of Liberty Mutual
to their clients thru performance and guidance.

To do this we immersed the visitor into an environment that had the emotion and physicality of Olympic Training . Large scale action graphics combined with an activity that featured “Your Serve” with Missy May olympic champion clocked the speed and force of your serve with a volleyball .For others we had a less physical trivia game station that highlighted the does and don'ts of training. Touch screens and layered graphics reenforcing the connection of competition and the performance of Liberty's products.
Our exhibit concept produced sweat and fun to make the story a memorable success.

Alvin Winant
Brand Environment Designer Sutton, MA