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Quick - San is a brand new door handle/push plate product designed to reduce the spread of germs in high risk areas by making hand sanitation quick and easy for people to do without making a conscious effort to do so by providing a hand sanitizer at the point of entrance.

Its curved elegant form gives the product visual appeal as well as making the product very easy to clean.
This product is designed to feature on doors and entrances where germs could be fatal to the occupants, for example hospital wards and nursing homes.

As shown here in hospital corridor environment.
The self sanitising push plate is made form stainless steel to prevent harmful bacteria from living on the surface.

The logo is located just below the centre of the plate to acting as a target for the user to hit. In the centre of this logo is the spray nozzle to dispense the hand sanitizer.

The plate has a curved profile to match that of the natural curvature of the hand this profile allows for both left and right hands to operate comfortably

Photo Realistic Model - In use - Pushing Plate
Quick - San uses an atomiser to project the sanitising solution on to the hand rather than pushing it onto the surface of the push plate.
Any excess solution which is not transferred on to the hand of the user is channelled by the rebated section designed funnel the liquid into a removable drip tray.
Photo Realistic Model - In use - Pull Handle.
Quick - San also offers a pull handle on the back edge of the blade like form. Stainless steel is wrapped around the product to ensure that all touch points for the user are safe.
Quick - San is fed by these 300ml 'quick - san' bags of sanitizer which can be replacement once everyday or two by those who will be maintaining the product usually the cleaners each morning or evening.

The nozzle located on the plate is fed with sanitizer using gravity as the sanitizer bags are locate in the top section of the product.
The bags feature a nozzle/funnel which is fixed into the dispenser unit and the bottom and the top of the bag is hung on the peg which is located at the top of this section. The bags are designed to match the shape of the product.
Quick - San use's current mechanisms in the form of a piston dispenser often found in products like soap dispensers.

The sanitizer is fed into this system through locating the nozzle located at the bottom of the sanitizer bag into this hole. The nozzle is the punctured and the sanitizer is gravity fed into the system.
Quick - San can also be wall mounted for use in public toilet for example. To offer a quicker alternative to the 3 step process of washing and drying your hands after visiting the toilet.

The top & bottom sections are accessed with a locking key, like those found on most soap dispenser product currently found in public facilities. This will be carried by the person responsible for maintaining the product.

The bottom section could be used for things like; first aid or spillage kits, offering yet another advantage.
Polypropylene is used for the other components. This provides a good surface finish which is very easy to clean. Its also a durable material with a good chemical resistance.
Placement and configuration of the nozzles. After experimenting with the placement and number of nozzles needed on the plate, it was eventually concluded that just using the one nozzle just below centre gave the best chance of hitting the centre of the users palm for the highest percentage of people.
Photo Realistic Model
White plastic has been used for the push plate for the model as our budget and project time scale prevented us using stainless steel.
Photo Realistic Model
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Quick - San

- Final year Minor Project -

RSA Brief - Improve Hygiene, Improve Lives.

This product looks to improve hygiene in high risks areas where germs can be fatal for example hospitals & nursing homes. It does this by offering hand sanitation at point of access so that people do not have to make a conscious effort to find hand do so.

Comments (1)
  • very creative concept I love to like it.

    7 years ago

  • very creative concept I love to like it.

    7 years ago

Alex Conroy
Creative Designer Leeds, United Kingdom