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Tipple is a brand new kettle product designed primarily to aid people with the loss of strength and dexterity in their hands. Research identified that people suffering from this loss of strength and control are of all ages and often struggle using current kettle products. Gripping handles and supporting the weight of a full kettle can often prove difficult to pour accurately and often lead to hazardous spillages.

Tipple has been designed to remove any stigma attached to products which aid the disability or impaired aiming to allow users to be proud of having these product on show in their households.
Tipple features a boiling illumination which highlights the circular form of the product once switched on.
The illumination changes from colour gradually from blue to red as the water comes to boil. This gives the user a visual indication that the kettle body will be hot.
Tipple alleviates these problems though the products unique circular form rotating through its base. This means that the weight of the water is supported throughout the pouring process enabling users to pour the boiling water without needing to pick up the kettle jug or having a firm grip of a handle.
The the tapered shape of the docking sleeve matching that of the cone shape of the jug prevents the jug from sliding forward once the kettle is tipped.
A safety recoil feature ensures safety. This is built into the rotational mechanism housed in the base of the product. Meaning the kettle jug will return to the upright position if the users hand is to come away from the handle.
The water flow is controlled by a 'baffle' system which is integrated into the spout of the jug. This 'dam' system prevents water from being dispensed to early and means that the water is only released spout meets the mouth of the mug or container.
Tipple in Metallic Black and American Black Walnut wood. Using wood gives the product a very distinct and welcoming style and provides soft touch points for the users. This material is also a good insulator so will not get too hot to touch.
The kettle jug docks into the base like almost all kettle products currently on the market today. The locating pin, which houses the electrical connection from the base to the heating element housed in the kettle jug, is shaped like so to ensure that the jug stays straight when docked and being tipped.
A water gauge is featured on both sides of the 1.7litre jug. This allows the user to easily identify the amount of water in the kettle.
In addition to the advantages of tipples pouring feature, this product has also been designed to retain all the functional aspects of current domestic kettle products allowing the kettle jug to be used freely for other domestic used. This also allows the jug to be refilled through the spout before returning the jug to the power base.
Tipple in White & White Oak. The on/off button located on the base also has a wooden finish to again indicate the touch points of the product.
High gloss finishes allow the product it be easily wiped down and cleaned as well as giving the product high quality look and feel.
Tipple has also been designed compete directly in the domestic kettle market and appeal to the abled bodied and home owners who are more design conscious with more disposable income looking for more stylish piece's of design for their homes.
The Tipple Range. Tipple could be developed to become wireless piece to further the product advantages and clean up the kitchen work surfaces.
Kettle jug exploded view - Shows parts for assembly - Designed for manufacture.
Other colour options could be developed. . .
Tipple Presentation Board for New Designers 2014
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- Final Year Major Project -

- Authors own brief -

Improve lives through innovative design for people in the home environment.

The brief asks you to propose a new household product or service to alleviate problems in today's home environment. Design work undertaken should focus on either storage issues, living with multiple sclerosis or hygiene. Product solutions should help to eliminate difficulties or aid day - to - day tasks that occur within these subject areas.

The problem was identified through research carried out into problems in the home for people suffering with MS. The kettle was identified as a problem through observations.

Currently in talks with Russell Hobbs about possible progression & commercialisation of the product.

Alex Conroy
Creative Designer Leeds, United Kingdom