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Craft Box Girls

Craft Box Girls is crafting a lifestyle outside the box for the modern woman.

A select group of bloggers, fashionistas, foodies, wedding, fitness gurus, social media elite and just plain cool chicks! The bloggers of Craft Box Girls are sharing from do it yourself projects to fashion tips to weddings to recipes to lifestyle guides to home decorating projects.

Be entertained by a cast of trendsetters blogging Craft Box Girls Original Content featuring party planning, recipes, health and fitness, weddings, fashion, home design and do it yourself projects.

Share photos, articles, recipes and do it yourself creations with other Craft Box Girls within your network. Follow users, like pictures, share content and join your local Craft Box Girls community. This is your chance to publish your own content and build your brand.

Shop custom product lines designed by Craft Box Girls as well as handmade products like clothing, accessories, art, personalized goods from makers across the country.

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Freelance, Full-time
Armel Shami
Founder & Creative / Visual Director San Francisco, CA