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Dirty Peasant!
Sketches be breaking out of my book!
Complain Here! (Paper 53)
The REAL To Catch A Predator
Fifties Mobster
Fuzzy Face (Paper 53)
FishWalker (Paper 53)
Prototype Banner (Paper 53)
Flow Diagram (Paper 53) Prototype
Annoyed Vampyr
New Haircut
Red Dragonette
Red Dragon (Paper 53)
A Serial Doodler

Having worked my way up through the art director path, it's hard for me to put down my pencil. Whether the classic "Number 2" or the one from Paper 53, I am a constant doodler.

I use to sketch ideas, convey quickly to teams what I'm looking for, to help prototype UI pieces or wireframes with my UX partners, but mostly it just keeps my art brain in shape.

Included is a tiny mix of prototypes, doodles, cartoons and tomfoolery that has led to bigger things.

Bart Heird
Group Creative Director Columbia, MD