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I love stories; living, telling, playing, reading and watching them. I need to be involved in producing inventive work that tells compelling stories. I also appreciate a good sense of humor. I enjoy solving problems. I'm energetic, curious and driven, and need to work with like-minded people. The world moves too fast for over-thinking every decision. Fail fast, fix smart. Great creative thinking in the digital space can only be supported by strong partnership with strategy, usability and delivery specialists; the days of a creative team tossing work to a developer is over. We're all in this together. Most of all, creative directors are best used as instruments of change, ready to adapt to ever changing markets, shaping ideas and facilitating collaborative, interesting work across all channels. It excites me to be a part of that ever evolving market. ***WHY COROFLOT? I've been asked this a few times and the answer is easy. I'm busy. Really, really busy. And this is a very fast, convenient way for me to get work posted. It's an excellent tool for the job . So why not use it? *** Skills: Inspiring teams, digital solutions, creative problem solving, digital strategy, innovative approaches, emerging media, UX/UI partnership, storytelling, getting work sold.


2010 Mercury Award - Campaign 2008 Mercury Award - Campaign 2007 Bronze Effy - USMC IAC Outstanding Achievement WMA Outstanding Website - Lunchables Maxed Out WMA Outstanding Achievement (2) 2005 WMA Best Consumer Goods Website IAC Best Govt. Online Campaign IAC Best Food Industry RM Campaign 2003 WMA Standard of Excellence London International Award - Website


MIMA, MN Advertising Federation

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