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The package was delivered in a leather box with a metal tag announcing the program.
Our mailer opened with a personalized metal insert and had baseball style cards beneath the program.
The cards picked up design elements from the printed piece and were reminiscent of baseball cards with images and stats for the staff.
Details about the company were presented in the style of an "in the ball field" program.
Highlights of the company were treated like baseball franchise information.
The corresponding, mobile optimized landing page.
Batting 1000?

Our search department was seeking a new relationship with a financial client. We created a dimensional piece to send out to C-level executives and did it under the auspices of a sporting free agent. The details on the brief were to focus on baseball, so we created a series of cards for our relevant staff, a program book and delivered it in a personalized leather box, custom cut to the materials. Additionally, we created a mobile optimized site to compliment the mailer.

Bart Heird
Group Creative Director Columbia, MD