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Concept for the chip
Clay chips for the event
Cheat sheets and campaign material
Send in the Sharks

The brief asked me and a single programmer to produce an affordable, game-like experience, to increase excitement at an event for major Mazda dealership owners.

The expectation was a simple "Spin and Win" type interface, designed in Flash and passed over to our business loyalty division. Instead, I created a competitive, interactive game which got dealers up and talking to each other (one of the measurements of success in our brief).

The visual and game design was inspired by the venue (the Atlantis resort), the location (the Bahamas) and the event materials. We printed cheat sheets for the event moderators, a crib sheet of rules for participants, created custom clay chips and rendered an underwater environment with dynamically loaded animations responding to each of the poker chips.

Bart Heird
Group Creative Director Columbia, MD