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Build your taco
Cafeteria Lady gives her assessment
Test it on one of three subjects
Try Again, Mail to a Friend, Test Another
The 7 Minute Interstitial

The original assignment for this was "...make an interstitial with the product on it". Unsatisfied that this really introduced the unique nature of the product, I worked with the account team to create a better brief to inspire something greater. We knew customization was important to our target; this product offered great potential for that.

To that end, we developed the Maxed Out taco creator. Allowing the user to prepare a Lunchables Double Stacked Taco and then test it on three subjects to" test" their reactions. Creating this gamified interface created a much stronger brand experience than a simple interstitial.

We cast locally and shot the video in-house, which kept the costs down for the client. This effort proved so successful and it landed an IMA award.

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Bart Heird
Group Creative Director Columbia, MD