Storytelling design features often span several categories of whole person health, strengthening their connections and impact upon users within the space.
Graphic “Spark” compositions present regional market photography and provide writable surfaces for collaboration.
Spark walls were located at thirteen locations throughout the workspaces.
A focal wall graphic collage utilizes nearly five hundred campaign photos to connect employees to patients and providers.
Elevator lobbies greet users with biophilic graphics and the client’s mission.
Elevator lobbies provide uplifting scriptural messaging.
Little delivered a complete interior and exterior signage program to guide visitors through the site while providing wellness encouragement along the way.
Adventist Healthcare Environmental Branding

Advent Health’s new 275,000 SF shared services campus in Roseville, CA brings several Northern California offices together under one roof to create a more collaborative, sustainable and healthy culture.

The storytelling strategy was to tell Advent Health’s stories through the framework of the whole person: mind, body, spirit and social. With these categories being broad and varied, our goal was to create a journey for personal discovery for employees and visitors as they navigate through and utilize the campus.

Project Completed with Little. Photography: Matt McConnell

Ellen Bean Spurlock
Innovation + Design Atlanta, GA