Battle in Brooklyn's Backyard - INTRODUCTION ROOM A glowing white wall introduces the story of the Battle of Brooklyn. Quotes and images from events leading up to battle collage the surrounding walls. The graphic look of the exhibit mixes classical artwork depicting Brooklyn in 1776 with contemporary artwork and scenes from Brooklyn today.
Battle in Brooklyn's Backyard - 2. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS - AMERICAN BASE Each base tells stories of the generals and soldiers involved in the battle. Artifacts and letters from the characters adorn the space. As visitors get to know the characters involved they can look at a battle map and see locations where characters went during the battle.
Battle in Brooklyn's Backyard - 5. PARK SLOPE, GOWANUS, GREENWOOD CEMETERY 6. PROSPECT PARK BATTLE AREA Experiential lighting and sound fill the room to represent the chaos of battle. Red, Orange, and yellow light along with smoke and sounds of guns, canons, and men fighting fills the area to simulate the chaos of battle. Flashes of light simulate gun and canon shots.
Battle in Brooklyn's Backyard - Interpretive Exhibit

Interpretive Exhibit developed for Exhibition Design Thesis project. Laterally tells the story of the Battle of Brooklyn from American and British viewpoints.

Ellen Bean Spurlock
Innovation + Design Atlanta, GA