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Tiempo Inspiration - 2003 - Inspired by the Playmaker (the number 10), the Tiempo Legend Is a modernized all leather football shoe. This collection of footwear helped complete and solidify Nike's offering and reach a number one market position by Spring 2005.
Tiempo Rendering - 2003 - The upper of the Legend is made entirely of kangaroo leather for the best touch on the ball. The statement model features composite in the outsole and an external heel counter as well as zoom air in the heel of the lasting board.
Tiempo Photos - 2005 - The Tiempo footwear line has resonated with many football players around the globe. It went from being 8% of Nike's footwear sales to 38% of sales. The Tiempo product line, backed by stars such as Ronaldinhio, has been widely published and contributes over $300 million in annual revenue to Nike Football.
Golf Shox - 2005 - The Shox golf shoe is intended for the 'Sporty' Golfer who is a fan of many sports. The outsole of the shoe will include the lattest technology in cushioning by Nike. It also has a multi-traction outsole design.
Japan CP-5 - 2005 - The CP-5 is part of a line of four Golf shoes aimed specifically at the Asian consumer. The shape of the shoe follows a Japan specific last shape. The outsole is a multi-spiked very technical zoned design and the visible cushioning technology is Caged Zoom designed to offer support on the lateral side and more give on the medial side for the golfer's swing.
Japan SP-4 - 2005 - Weighing 300g, this is the lightest golf shoe on the market, an important selling point in Japan. It also includes the same outsole with improved traction pattern and flexibility as the SP-5.
Saddle 5.5 - 2005 - The Classic Golf Saddle executed with a Nike twist. The 5.5 Saddle is constructed with supple waterproof leathers and heel locking collar construction.
Tiempo 365 Inpiration - 2002 - This board shows the history of the Nike Soccer Icon and the players that wore it. The Tiempo 365 project is a lifestyle shoe that celebrated the tenth aniversary of the line.
Tiempo 365 - 2002 - Inspired through the history of the Nike Soccer Icon and the players that wore it, the Tiempo 365 is a combination of European classic elegance and crafted, quilted leather... a sophisticated trainer.
Ikoi Inspiration - 2001 - For the World Cup event in Japan and Korea I looked to Asian culture and more particularly to Japanese Tabi shoes to design this slip-on Shoe for Nike Soccer. Designed to complement the Mercurial Vapor, it uses the same sculptural last shape with a split toe feature.
Ikoi - 2001 - The Outsole was then used in conjunction with the actual Mercurial football shoe upper to create an ultimate limited edition lifestyle item: the Vapor Supreme.
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