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Nike Quest Helmet - 2001 - The High-end Nike Helmet was designed to become the reference for hockey player head protection. It featured new materials for shell and liner as well as micro adjustment thanks to an inflatable air-fit system and a simple tool-less adjustment mechanism. The mandate was to design a new hockey helmet from scratch while considering aesthetic, and ergonomic issues. The helmet must pass certification impact testing and perform beyond these expectations.
Vapor 10 Skate - 1998 - Vapor Hockey skates boast to be the lightest on the market thanks to new materials for the quarters and optimized components such as the new composite outsole. Very popular with professional hockey players, the line received a facelift for year 2000. A patented uncovered toecap concept was developed for this product.
Slingshot Tour Cart Bag - 2004 - Slingshot tour cart Bag is the top of the line model of the Nike Golf offering. It has helped Nike regain its 20% market share in bags. Designed around the theme of 'sophistication' it includes a 14 divider system and offers many internal features. The cart strap passes under front pockets for maximum accessibility.
Slingshot OSS Cart Bag - 2004 - This cart bag completes the new line of Nike cart products at a value pricepoint and addresses a younger consumer mindset. It includes the 14 divider system and offers maximum storage compartments. Cart strap passes under front compartments as well.
Bauer Skates - 1997 - These 'aggressive' Inline skates are for extreme street skaters and vert skaters (that do aerial tricks in the half-pipe). I followed the Bauer team of athletes to listen to the many requests and ideas the members had around new features they were looking for. I also designed a co-lacing system for these skates that gives an appreciated snug fit.
Rosti Mixing Bowl - 1993 - Rosti of Denmark had a staple collection of mixing bowls that needed revitalizing. My design improved on the 40 year old classic thanks to a three-ring concept, which allows traction on the work surface at any angle. The handle is more ergonomic and the spout design is more efficient for pouring.
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