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This was a group work with Tara Sunil and Sravya Bhavirisetty.
We researched about Jakuchu and his paintings and realised that he was closely connected to nature. All his paintings were about birds or animals and they were depicted to beautifully with a lot of respect. We wanted to do the same by trying to bring awareness and respect towards the animals by using the current scenario of how animals are being mistreated. We read about the buddhist beliefs as Ito Jakuchu was a Buddhist and you can see a lot of influences from the religion onto his works. We tried to do the same through this.
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Ito Jakuchu Competition ( on Designboom ) Stop motion Animation

The competition was based on a Japanese artist - Ito Jakuchu from the Edo Period. We had to study and understand his works and philosophy and submit a piece of work from any medium that is inspired by him.

Bijin Davis
Product and Furniture Design Bangalore, India