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This is one of the fabrics I dyed. I decided to make a wooden framed chair by using this fabric as the seating.
The making and final polishing of the wooden chair frame.
The before and after of the Shibori.
I did a multi coloured base dye ( on the right ) and then did the itajime and Arashi Shibori.
These are some samples of other final pieces I dyed. these are all on cotton fabrics. I dyed the base in colours I liked and did a shibori over it.
The t- shirt (left) is a mix of Nui (stitched) Shibori and Itajime (clamping ) Shibori
The Scarf in the center is with Itajime Shibori and
The scarf on the right is a mix of Arashi ( pole wrapping ) Shibori , honey comb and Itajime Shibori
This is what the base dye of the t-shirt and scarves looked like before the Shibori .
These are all samples of Shibori that I had tried on while understanding how shibori works.
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I did a course on Shibori, A Japanese art of dyeing. I wanted to learn how to dye my own fabrics to be able to use them eventually in my products or furniture as I love mixing medias in my work.

Bijin Davis
Product and Furniture Design Bangalore, India