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Concept for the project :
The gaps that I found in Fabindia were that,
-Their designs were not appealing enough to the younger age groups ( 25 and below)
- Their products gave a very mellow vibe than a vibrant vibe.

So I decided to do a line by tweaking a few things like
- Using Indian motifs in a way that they look vibrant and modern.
- Changing the visual appeal by using ethnic fabrics combined with contemporary prints/patterns.
- Giving a playful vibe to Fabindia without drifting away from the identity that they are known for.
Concept :
Patchwork of fabrics with fillings could be fused with furniture.
A knotting technique is used here to give those kind of wrinkled circular forms.
I did a mock up on how it would look and a few renderings of how many ways they can be used.
Concept :
Attaching fabric spheres filled with fiber or cotton to create a fabric that can be used to wrap around mirrors, baskets, waste bins etc.
Concept :
I tried two techniques here Fabric origami/paper folding (on the left) and Paper mache/ layering (middle and right).
For the Fabric Origami , I tried to make a Origami frame using Fabric with paper instead of just using paper. It had a fun form to it but yet the ethnic print it had made it still retain the identity of Fabindia.
For the Fabric layering, I used thin layers of fabric over a spherical mold to create a sphere made of only fabric. The Layers gave it a different feel to the way the light passed through it. This was again vibrant in its form.
Concept :
After doing research and surveys, I realized that most of the casual products like the casual bags in Fabindia were really too heavily ornamented. I wanted to thus create something that was much lighter and casual in design.
So I fused Modern / Contemporary prints that are currently a trend for the younger generation ( like Aztecs, Animals prints etc. ) with ethnic Fabric.
Applique or patchwork technique can be used to fuse these two types of prints.
Ethnic fabrics would be used to create contemporary prints. This would be quirky but at the same time very much like the style of Fabindia.
Concept :
Beanbags are affordable ,easy to transport and are very popularly in use by the younger generation but it's only been manufactured commonly in leather or rexine.
So I created a bean bag made of patch work with fiber fillings within each patch to make it more comfortable and to play with the form. The fillings helps the triangles not to fold or wrinkle into different forms when a person sits on it and the lime green area allows the fabric to fold , creating different fun forms when a person sits on it .
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The Fabindia Project

A client based project with Fabindia to design for their home and lifestyle product section. We were asked to study the gaps that they had and design a whole new style of line for them accordingly.

Bijin Davis
Product and Furniture Design Bangalore, India